Concept Game made in Hackathon

gameJan 2014
  • Concept Game
  • Global Game Jam 2014
  • 48 working hours

Global Game Jams 2014

The Global Game Jam is an annual distributed game jam. People around the world start the hackathon at the same time, at different locations. We, attendees, had to find our teammates, design and develop a game during this 2 days event.

Every game should be designed with the following theme line:

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."


DreamLens is a concept prototyping game developed in 3 days during the Global Game Jam event. The topic given is "We dont see things as they are , we see them as we are". The idea is that we have a camera and different kinds of lens, when the camera shoot, what it captures will remain on the screen. Player should decide which lens to use to pass the stage.

There are actually multiple ways to pass the demo: