Original Action Music Game

game2017 - 2018
  • Leader of 5 people team
  • Project Manager
  • Lead Developer
  • Original game design
  • Script System


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Resonance is my graduation project in my college. As the leader of a 5 members team, consists of 2D artists, music composer and developers, I managed to schedule, manage and execute the project for 3 semesters. After 3 months of brainstorming game ideas, we decided to make this Music-Action game, combining action game and music game, which is never seen before.

The idea of Music-Action game is, to challenge players both their reactability and "groove" sense at the same time. Players have to keep tracking the enemy's position, movement and attack, and also, the sound that enemy make to acknowledge enemy's attack-pattern. Resonance is a hardcore game.


  • Unity
  • Unity Custom Editor
  • Shader Language
  • MIDI parsing


Every effects and animations are dancing with the the tempo.

All enemy movements are also align with the beats

Enemy attacks are designed with musical notations.


Dynamic 2D lighting

We use normal maps and lights in 3D space to make 2D objects looks more spatial

Script System

To avoid hard-coding every performance related scripts, we developed our own scripting system. With this system, we can easily setup our story, instructions, dialogs, etc. with our own scripting syntax without any compilation.

Game Design

In order to decently combine the idea of action game and music game, we iterated many phases of game designs. In every iteration, we dropped features that conflicts with our core ideas and keeped thoses which are suitable for the game.

Original Game Contents

Our orignal goals was to make a game that is possible to be published to the market. So we made all the game contents by ourselves (including 2D textures, musics, sound effects, etc.)