Original First Person Stealth Game

gameSep 2017 - Jan 2018
Project-ManagerLead DeveloperGame-DesignUnity
  • Leader of 5 people team
  • Project Manager
  • Best Technique Award winner
  • Best Creativity Award winner
  • Original game design


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"SIGHT." is my project for a game design course in the college. In the semester, we, 4 other team members and I as lead developer and project manager, had to design and develop a game and attend a game making contest. The character have a special ability, "SIGHT.", that enables him to "see" the sight of monitor cameras. "SIGHT." is a first-person stealth game, player have to use his special ability to trick monitor cameras and steal the objectives.

In order to make the visual effects for "SIGHT.", we had to design and implement a lot of shaders to create the amazing game graphics. Since the stage design is important to this game, we also made custom editors to create our stages. For example, we have editors for previewing camera sights, previewing character's holding gestures, etc.


  • Unity
  • Unity Custom Editor
  • Shader Language
  • 3D Game Performance Enhancement Techniques


You can block cameras' sight by moving objects in the scene to create obstacles.

The object to retrieve

A mobile monitor camera

A mobile monitor camera